4 Hour Body – Day 1

Day 1 of the 4 hour body diet…

I’ve never been a big one for diets. I’ve always eaten pretty much what I felt like until now. When I was 19 years old I used to wear a size 30 in jeans and I rarely strayed above a 34 waist right the way through to my early 40’s.

I smoked, drank and generally avoided any form of organised exercise. I’ve never been much of a sportsman other than a leisurely approach to swimming, walking and cycling.

In 2003 along with my family I was involved in a serious car crash that left me with a broken femur and a mashed up right knee amongst numerous other injuries. The femur didn’t mend properly and I had to have an osteotomy to straighten the bone taking 1 ½ inches off the length in the process. I now wear a raised shoe to compensate.

Recovery took an inordinate amount of time. It was nearly two years until I walked unaided and an operation to repair a broken ligament in my knee set me back further again. It was four years until I felt able to abandon the walking stick.

One of the consequences of the lack of physical activity was an enormous weight gain. Pre accident whilst no slim jim I weighed in at approximately 15 stones (210 pound or 95 kilos) but bit by bit my weight crept up until at one point I very nearly reached 20 stones. As you can imagine it was an uncomfortable weight to carry around and affected not only my health but my self esteem.

I looked at dieting. Tried cutting down on food and alcohol and increasing exercise but without the immediate results I craved. I’m impatient by nature so a regular diet just wasn’t good enough. A friend had great results with the Atkins diet but at the time I wasn’t keen. The GI diet came and went and I carried on being ⅓ heavier than I’d been prior to the accident.

At the end of 2010 I came across Tim Ferris’s book The Four Hour Body. I had been revisiting his 4 hour Work Week Blog and was immediately struck by the idea that his diet promoted a healthy lifestyle and rapid weight loss. I ordered the book direct from the USA to be sure of getting it as soon as it was published rather than wait for the UK launch and received the book over the Christmas holidays.

It’s heavy reading with a lot to take in but I started the year intent to get myself into the right frame of mind to start and then give it a go. I had an immediate setback following my father suffering a heart attack at the beginning of January but by the end of February I had decided that I should give it a go.

A huge online grocery shop and a bit of organisation and here I am.

It’s the 6th March 2011 and I am on the way. All set to achieve my target goal weight loss of 4 stones or 56lb. I’ve weighed in on the Wii this morning at 19 stones. That’s 120 kilos. Had my first egg, spinach and salsa breakfast and drunk ½ litre of water.

I’m now writing up this blog prior to sitting down to my first meat and veg (no carb) lunch. Oh and I took some before photos in the mirror as suggested by this guy. It’s not a pretty sight.

Wish me luck.


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